The Right Way to Tell Your IT Support About a Suspected Phishing E-mail

With spam and hackers at an all time high email is unfortunately becoming less and less reliable. Spam filters, addressing errors, and server failures are just a few things that can cause a message to go unseen. With certain types of email it can be worth the extra effort to ensure that your message is seen. A good example can be reporting a phishing email, a type of spam email that a malefactor will use to try and trick you into sharing passwords, credit card info, or other secret, sensitive information. Sometimes, phishing emails can be difficult to identify as fake, that’s part of their danger. When forwarding a suspected phishing email to us or another trustworthy technical contact for inspection be cautious to remember that spam filters will often catch such messages, letting them go unseen. To work around these safety nets, send a separate message letting us know that you’ve forwarded what you think to be a phishing message, that way we can check our junk folder just in case. Bonus points if you send the subject line of the suspicious email 🙂

(Featured image by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels)

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