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Expert Mac IT for Printing

IT within the world of printing is unique. Color calibration, ink correction, drivers upon drivers.  At Virtua Computers, we have worked with dozens of print shops and learned exactly how to manage IT in a way that is secure and effective. 

Color calibration is one of the most important tasks in your print shop. We not only understand the tools needed, such as your calibration spyder but can teach your staff how to appropriately calibrate their monitors and printers. From Epson SureColor professional series to massive Canon workhorse imageRunners, Virtua Computers understands the nuances of each, including the need for the proper drivers, printer refreshing, and ink management. 

In addition, we recognize how critical security and backups are for your business. Calling a client at the last minute to resend a file can cause unnecessary stress and distrust. We set up our print partners with strong security solutions and regular multi-layer backup solutions so that you are prepared for everything. We also recognize the need for space and speed. Large print means large files. Our expert team can advise on the setup that will give you the most for your investment, with the flexibility to continue expanding as your business grows. Virtua Computers uses the latest technology to ensure the latest updates for both your system and printers are pushed to your computers and above all, that your printers never stop printing!

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