Mobile device management

Every company needs a comprehensive mobile plan. This may include both bring-your-own-device and company-owned-device policies. Users will need to be able to access data, apps, and content from any device. No C-level executive wants to inhibit productivity within their office, but there are definitely some challenges when incorporating these policies into your company rulebook.

Mobile devices offer something desktops can never offer – the flexibility to work anywhere. Letting those devices out in the wild will require a proper security plan to ensure peace of mind for your company.

We can help you create that plan.

We will gather all requirements and discuss your options. We will streamline the deployment process and test for compliance. We will build a lifecycle management program to ensure that devices are always up to date and have the latest security updates.

virtua computers mobile device management


A common issue with the Bring-Your-Own-Device model is that it is difficult to track and control access on BYOD devices. The obvious answer is for BYOD devices to connect to your corporate wireless – but how do you ensure that the device is on your network and not a fake lookalike network?

We ensure this by enforcing wireless connectivity over the WPA2-Enterprise protocol. WPA2-Enterprise has several benefits including:

  • Eliminating the risk of shared passwords by using user authentication to connect to the network
  • Over-the-air encryption, ensuring data transmitted to and from the device is protected

In addition to network controls, iOS has basic security that should be enabled for all devices, BYOD or corporate. These controls can be managed by the user or by central IT, such as Virtua, by profiles installed on the device:

  • Device PIN or Passcode: This is the most basic security feature on any iOS device. From a simple 4-digit code to a full alphanumeric password.
  • Passcode Wipe: If a device PIN or Passcode is entered incorrectly enough times the device can erase all the user data automatically
  • Remote Wipe: Device enrolled in management or with Find iPhone or Exchange ActiveSync can be remotely locked or even completed wiped.
  • VPN and on-demand VPN: VPN isn’t only for computers. You can have your mobile device connect to a VPN for security either manually or automatically.
  • Configuration profiles: Centrally managing your devices with a mobile device manager will allow you to push configuration profiles to devices. These profiles can do things such as setup email accounts (for easy removal when the user leaves the organization), setup VPN controls, and even allow or disallow certain apps.

Personal Data

In your corporate environment would you let your employees bring in their own computer and connect to your server, potentially wreaking havoc on your network? Most likely no, and yet, even when utilizing a corporate device policy for work, we allow employees to bring in their own iPhones, iPads and Android devices to our offices. We allow them to add their email, or browse corporate intranets. We allow that data to leave the office when they punch out for the night. This can lead to potential and possibly harmful data breaches.

There is no stopping users from using their own devices. Some believe that employees are more productive when they use their own devices. It clearly adds convenience when an employee does not need to carry two phones. Now with e-sim being available it’s even more convenient for an employee to use their own device in the corporate setting.  So how does a company manage this?

By implementing mobile device management. Your company’s mobile device manager can push profiles to BYOD and corporate devices to protect them.

Training and Support

Are you interested in managing your employees’ mobile devices, deploying corporate wide devices, or just training them on best practices?

Virtua Computers can help. We have partnered with many different mobile device management vendors to be able to provide you best-in-class service. Whether pushing email accounts to users devices, or VPN profiles or even Wireless profiles to ensure the users don’t know the Wifi password and accidently leak that information to guests in your office, Virtua Computers can work with the Mobile device management software to enroll your devices quickly and easily.  Changes are made over the air (internet is required) when a new profile should be pushed.

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