Remote Work with VPN

Security is a huge part of any network. One of the first issues we tackle with new clients is setting them up with properly secured firewalls and routers.

To understand a firewall, imagine a brick wall around your office… now light it on fire.  What person would try to break through a wall literally lit on fire? Most commercial routers have firewall functions, but not all firewalls are the same. Enterprise-grade firewalls not only block intruders, they can also protect your internal network with advanced threat protection, DNS redirection, and network scanning.

It’s for this reason we set up all our clients with Cisco Meraki firewalls. Cisco Meraki devices with Advanced Security licenses will protect your data both going in, and out of your office. The biggest advantage to Meraki equipment is that it’s completely cloud-controlled. If a change is needed, the team at Virtua Computers can update the device on the fly and it will be immediately applied. No reboots required. No interrupting the day. No waiting until the end of the day.

MX64 cisco meraki vpn remote workers security

A nice advantage of using Cisco Meraki is that office-wide VPN is built in. No additional licenses are required. With a VPN, your staff can create a secure tunnel to your office to get their data from the server. This means staff can work from anywhere; whether it’s at home, the beach or Starbucks. Another benefit of VPN is that you can ensure that when you are on public WiFi your data can’t be snooped. If you decide to work from Starbucks and connect to their WiFi you will be on their public network. People can easily see all the sites you go to, and data you transmit. Connecting to a VPN blocks that from happening. Virtua Computers will set up your office firewall to ensure that when connecting through VPN, all data is encrypted– essentially stopping Starbucks (or hackers) from intruding on your data.

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