Data Recovery

Hard drives are like light bulbs. One day they work, the next they don’t. But unlike a lightbulb, you can save the contents of the hard drive to another source. 

We talk about backups a lot in this industry. Everyone should have a 3-2-1 backup plan for critical data (and what data isn’t critical?). The 3-2-1 plan basically requires that you have 3 copies of your data on 2 different mediums and 1 offsite. For a home user, this means you have your data on your computer, two external hard drives and a cloud backup. For businesses, the cost of backup can go up exponentially when following that plan – but it is for your own safety. At Virtua, we work hard to balance data security and business continuity with cost and value.

But even with 3-2-1 backup in place, there are times when things happen. A file didn’t get backed up on schedule, a backup drive fails, or there was a fire, flood or accident. Even Pixar had issues with data loss and almost lost Toy Story 2.

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Data loss is something we in the industry deal with all the time. It’s also a very emotional issue when it’s your personal data.

This is why we partner with the best – Drive Savers. With Drive Savers, they will provide you a FedEx shipping label for you to send your drive in. Within 24 hours we will get a quote with a detailed evaluation of the status of your drive and how much data can be recovered. If you go forward, you’ll receive a new hard drive with your recovered data. We love Drive Savers because the evaluation is free, even if you decide not to go through with recovery.

Drive Savers can also recover data from RAIDS, SSDs and iPhones!

Looking to set up an efficient backup system? Or have a drive you’re hoping to recover?

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