expert mac it for graphic design

Mac IT for Graphic Design Companies

It seems like every time you’re up against a tight deadline your computer decides to break.

We at Virtua Computers understand the pressures of running a design firm. Between font management, Adobe software, and working off of a shared server, we understand the unique IT issues faced by graphic designers. 

Fonts are consistently one of the biggest pain points for design firms—a duplicate or corrupted font can cause a host of issues across local machines as well as servers. Having a trusted partner who understands all font management as well as licensing across font foundries is essential.

In addition to fonts, graphic design firms are power Adobe users—often working with multiple design programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design) concurrently. Syncing files between servers and local computers, maintaining connections to Adobe’s servers, Adobe Typekit…there is an IT language specific to graphic design that we know well. Our clients also utilize programs like Sketch, and of course presentation software including Keynote and Powerpoint. We’re here not just to help with servers and security, but with software issues as well. Engaging in a lifecycle management system with us can ensure that you have the newest computers in order to run the latest versions of macOS and Adobe Creative Cloud. 

We stay on top of technology, so we can push the latest updates and ensure your entire environment is solid, secure, and fast. No more worrying about designers being on different versions of Keynote or Adobe InDesign. Our tools will keep your staff’s computers up to date. We can set you up with clean font management, secure workflows, and backups to ensure that even in the case of a hardware failure or unexpected event, your data is backed up. We know better than anyone how much time goes into a design project and always prioritize the protection of your work.

Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation and learn how Virtua Computers can help your design firm improve efficiency and security while reducing IT-related stress!