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Virtual CTO Services

Technology underlies nearly every knowledge-based business. Doctors rely on electronic medical and health record systems, law offices need secure communications and document management software, and architects live and die by their CAD apps. Those are just the marquee systems—every company needs computers, printers, a network, Internet access, onsite and offsite backups, a phone system, and all the hardware peripherals that make it all work. A small business owner may be a highly capable and successful doctor, lawyer, or architect, but technology is both too fundamental for every business and too massive of a topic to entrust to someone who isn’t steeped in the field…and dedicated to that single function.

That being said, a full-time CTO would be overkill for most small businesses. There’s plenty of work to do, but much of it is sporadic, coming primarily when new projects are in discussion and underway or emergencies pop up. The solution is a vCTO, or virtual CTO.

With Virtua Consulting’s vCTO service, we provide the CTO skills and experience that your business needs without the expense of a full-time, high-level employee. Some of the things a vCTO will do for you:

  • Provide an informed IT perspective in discussions of new projects to speed up decisions
  • Prevent purchases that aren’t best in class or are incompatible with installed systems
  • Ensure that cloud services offer synergies like single sign-on or integrations with current systems
  • Compare the budget for new purchases against increases in productivity and efficiency
  • Design a technology replacement plan that increases uptime and productivity
  • Oversee and/or support IT team members and projects to insure efficiency and alignment with overall company goals 

In the end, the utility of a vCTO is that you get someone who sees the big picture of how technology enables your company to operate at its best. That in turn leads to cost savings in the long run because it’s easier to set up technology right from the start than it is to tackle the onslaught of micro- and macro- issues that arise from disjointed, disorganized or misused systems and tools.

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