Internet Connectivity

What’s worse – no WiFi or slow Wifi?

Obviously the answer is slow Wifi. Knowing it exists but having a horrible time connecting is like torture in today’s age.

Having a strong WiFi signal and having a solid internet connection are the staples of a working business. Many times, small business owners get an internet connection from their local cable company, use the cable modem as the router and call it a day.  Not only is this insecure, you are leaving yourself open to a “single point of failure”. If your cable modem goes down, you don’t have internet for the office. Your Wifi may still show a signal but guess what? Your staff isn’t working!

So what does Virtua Computers do to help this situation? First thing we do is perform a full evaluation your office. How big is your office space? What’s the floorplan look like? Can we run wiring where it’s needed? Once we evaluate everything we can come to you with a complete plan including:

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  • Main and backup internet lines. This way if the main Internet Service Provider (ISP) goes offline, the backup line will kick in. We can help find the right providers for your office and work to negotiate better pricing and terms.

  • Proper router, firewall and access points. With the right equipment we can ensure a healthy, and secure network. An enterprise-grade firewall will protect your office from intruders and threats. Most enterprise firewalls come with advanced threat protection, which can detect and prevent intrusions, and provide content and web search filtering. For access points, not only do we determine which are the best, we determine how many you need. An enterprise access point will allow devices to travel between units and your device won’t even notice.
  • SD-WAN. This new technology allows offices to have nearly zero downtime if there are internet issues. Most firewalls can handle switching from the main internet provider to the backup one, but there is a 2 millisecond delay. In most cases that’s fine, but if you are an office with a lot of users on VoIP phones, those calls will get dropped. With SD-WAN we can ensure a 0 millisecond delay and those phone calls will keep going even if the main internet line drops.

Never suffer from slow Wifi again!

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