Spam is on the rise, Virtua is on the case!

Email is at the core of all of our businesses. We rely on email to communicate with clients, other employees and even loved ones to make sure things are on the right track. While typically we would be discussing how to keep your inbox clean by filing emails, today we are going to discuss how to keep your email clean by not getting spam!

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Spam, traditionally, is any unsolicited email.

Almost 80% of spam is from a virus-infected computer.

Many times spam contains some hidden links that will send you to sites in an attempt to “phish” or steal your password. Most notorious that we have seen is people being sent to a fake Google page to log into their account. You can put your password in as many times as you would like, but it will never log in. That is because the site you are on isn’t Google, but a page that has now suckered you into giving up your email password. How tricky!

Most email providers have some level of protection, but putting in a dedicated spam system can help companies overall productivity. Instead of dealing with spam, your employees can focus on actual emails that are coming to them. Dedicated catcher systems have one job, and that is catch and hold spam.

So how does it work you ask? Great question!

Emails score in a range of zero to one hundred. If that score is above a certain number, your spam filter will mark it as spam and junk the mail for you. Virtua Computers spam filter will quarantine emails with a score of 5 or higher by default, and trash emails that have a score of 90 or greater.

So keep spam out of your employee’s inboxes, and let them do what they are being paid to do!

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