Get Rid of Mobile Security issues Once and For All

So many businesses allow their employees to use their personal mobile device for work-related items. Check your cell phone, do you have a work email account on there? As the CEO you should either not allow this, or take the appropriate steps to protect your business. Don’t let a rogue employee keep sensitive work information when they leave.
So let’s get rid of mobile security issues once and for all!

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Let’s discuss a few potential issues with allowing employees to bring their personal mobile devices into the workplace.

1. If your business allows your employees to check their work email on their phone, when that person leaves the company the IT staff has no rights to that user’s phone to remove the work email. Typically in that situation, we would disable the email account so the user cannot get new mail, but it doesn’t stop them from having all their old correspondence.
2. Every modern mobile device has a camera. Even if your office has a strict NDA on photos, the camera app still exists and can be activated on a whim. There may be items in your workspace you don’t want in public view.

3. It’s so easy to move documents in and out of apps that it becomes extremely hard to track if a rogue employee is taking business documents out of one system and into another. Viewing a simple PDF in Dropbox can then be opened in SignMyPad with two taps on the screen.

So how do we solve these issues and more like it?

A simple three letter acronym: MDM. Mobile Device Management allows IT personnel to manage mobile devices. With tools from an MDM, the IT team can simply setup email accounts and remove them, install apps and manage how the data flows. Some MDMs even will be able to disable the camera feature while an employee is in the workplace.

Typically we tell business owners that they should provide a “work phone” for employees, but that tends to get expensive. Using an MDM, an employee can have their personal device enrolled and all work orientated data will be installed. If they choose not to enroll, they don’t get that information. If they leave the company, the IT manager can revoke all information passed via the MDM, or the user can delete the MDM profile from their device, in turn, deleting all the company related information as well.

Here at Virtua Computers, managing mobile devices are something we take very seriously. Having seen businesses lose profits because of insubordinate employees, we understand the need for security.

Don’t let your business be ruined by a cell phone. Contact Virtua Computers today at 347.369.GURU for a free evaluation.

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