What’s covered under my AppleCare warranty?

Whenever Apple sells a computer, they want you to purchase AppleCare. As they put it “it’s a 3 year parts and labor coverage for the hardware”. So what’s that mean exactly?

AppleCare will only cover hardware that has failed due to either mechanical or age issues. So if you crack your screen getting mad playing games, or pour a cup of coffee into your MacBook keyboard you are out of luck. If you have desktop computer, you can even have an Apple Authorized technician come to your place to fix your machine (sorry laptop owners). If you want to check the status of your computer head over to the Apple Self Solve Coverage Check and enter your serial number and the captcha code. To find your serial number go to the  Menu on the upper left corner of your screen and choose About This Mac. If you have 10.9 or later your serial number will be right there. 10.8 and lower you will have to click under OS X to get to the number.

AppleCare will also cover support questions about some of the Apple software that comes on your device. So then why do companies like Virtua Computers exist?
We help with everything else. We come to you. We help you with not only that Apple software but all software.

A question we get often is “Do I need to buy this?” in reference to AppleCare. Our answer is always “YES! 100 times YES!“. The last thing you need is to have a logic board died a year into your laptops life. Once your AppleCare expires, the only thing we suggest you pay for if and when it dies is a replacement hard drive. It’s the only component that post warranty is cheap enough to fix.

So why is AppleCare only 3 years? Apple has said that technology changes so quickly now that within 3 years there would have been so many changes they want you to get a new machine. If your machine lasts more than 3 years awesome. We aren’t telling you to buy a new computer every three years, but after those three years just know your computer is on borrowed time. If your computer does die after the three years, discuss it with us to see if it’s worth fixing or putting that money elsewhere.

AppleCare gets you pretty far with your computer, but it’s not everything.

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