Save your company thousands per year with Virtua Monitoring

Here at Virtua Computers, we offer a monitoring service to our clients. So why do we provide monitoring and what is it monitoring on your computer?

First and foremost

We are NOT monitoring what you do on your computer. This service does not tell us who you are emailing with, what website you are going to, or your credit card information. We do however monitor for issues with your computer. A downed computer could cost a company upwards of $40,000 per year.

virtua monitoring application in system preferences
Our monitoring software checks your computer for over 250+ issues, including (but not limited to):


Are your backups running properly? We monitor Time Machine as well as offsite backups


Is your HD ok? The worst thing is losing all your data. Monitoring your drives allows us to make sure that doesn’t happen.


Mac’s can get malware – and we can get rid of it. Monitoring allows us to know what’s installed so we can eliminate it correctly.


We are aware if your computer’s RAM is starting to fail, so we can get it replaced ASAP

We use the monitoring software as a way to be proactive with your computer. Think it’s all hocus pocus? Think again. A client a while back had the monitoring software installed. We were able to detect that they had not run their Time Machine backup in a few days. We let the customer know, got onto their computer and started the backup. The next day the internal hard drive failed. Had we not know about the backup not working, the customer would have lost days, and possibly months worth of work. Now we were able just to replace the hard drive, recover from the backup and they were up and running within a few hours. Think about your business and how much that lost data would cost your business.

That’s just one of many examples of what monitoring your computer can do. If you are a monthly client, you are automatically enrolled. For non-monthly customers, we offer this service at $20/month per computer.

For more information about monitoring, please contact us.

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