Get Rid of Mobile Security issues Once and For All

So many businesses allow their employees to use their personal mobile device for work-related items. Check your cell phone, do you have a work email account on there? As the CEO you should either not allow this, or take the appropriate steps to protect your business. Don’t let a rogue employee keep sensitive work information […]

Warning: Ransomware is on the rise

ransomware lock

Over the last few months, we’ve seen a rise in Ransomware. Ransomware (sometimes known as encryptionware), is a particular type of malware that will infect your computer and lock you out of your files until you pay a ransom. Ransomware is not a joking matter, and it can seriously hurt your business. Let’s start with […]

Save your company thousands per year with Virtua Monitoring

Here at Virtua Computers, we offer a monitoring service to our clients. So why do we provide monitoring and what is it monitoring on your computer? First and foremost We are NOT monitoring what you do on your computer. This service does not tell us who you are emailing with, what website you are going […]

How not to cry when data is lost a.k.a How to Backup properly

backup your computer

The first question we ask is “Do you have a backup”? In over eight years of Virtua Computers running, I can’t begin to tell you how many clients have come to us because they have lost data. These customers are calling us for the first time crying or angry wondering what they can do. Honestly, […]