Why You Should Take Advantage of Breaking News

You’re not a publisher, but when it comes to content marketing, you should still try to think like one. And publishers love breaking news because everyone is interested.

In our world, that’s happening right now, with Apple’s announcements last week and this week’s releases of iOS 11, watchOS 4, and tvOS 11, along with the new iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3, and Apple TV 4K. Anyone who uses Apple products will be curious about the new stuff, and if you’re providing sales, support, or service to them, they’ll be turning to you.

That’s why we’ve been providing articles about all of Apple’s releases to TidBITS Content Network subscribers, even going so far as providing early access to October’s articles about iOS 11, watchOS 4, High Sierra, and the new iPad features of iOS 11.

All I’m really saying here is that you should be sure to take advantage of major industry releases in your content marketing.

Sure, there’s tons of coverage out there on the Web, but content marketing is about establishing yourself as the expert. Whether you’re writing your own stuff, tweaking TCN articles, or just posting our stuff verbatim, you only stand to benefit by providing your audience with your take on the latest and greatest.

Don’t be shy — let Apple’s news float your boat too!

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