How Virtua Tips Skill on Alexa Can Help Your Business Improve

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You might assume that Alexa—Amazon’s virtual assistant—is purely for use at home. However, Alexa can be far more valuable, particularly when you learn to utilize it in your business operations to help you maintain your Mac and other Apple devices.

As a business with a Mac environment, understanding all the features that can be implemented on your Apple devices can be daunting. Luckily, Virtua Computers has developed an Alexa skill for Macs called Virtua Tips to provide you with useful tips for your Apple products by using Alexa as your virtual assistant. 

How To Use Virtua Tips on Alexa

As a Mac Consultant company, here at Virtua Computers we understand the best ways to care for and secure your Macs and other Apple devices. That’s why we’ve made an Alexa skill that can give you advice on how to better optimize your Apple devices within your office. 

You can easily launch Virtua Tips by simply saying, “Alexa, open Virtua Tips” or “Alexa, start Virtua Tips.” Virtua Tips provides a tip a day, or 365 tips total. These daily tips can help your business succeed in implementing advanced features on your Apple devices to make business processes simpler, more streamlined, and more effective. 

Advantages of Virtua Tips on Alexa for Business Use 

Once you start using Virtua Tips, you’ll find it offers tremendous benefits to your business. With this skill, you can ensure that your employees work more productively as they learn how to better use their Macs and other Apple products to complete their work tasks, improve communication, and more.

For example, Virtua Tips provides advice to deal with the lack of a home button on the new iPhone 11 by changing your accessibility settings to AssistiveTouch. It also gives you tips on how to color code your files to improve organization so you can make your business more efficient.

Virtua Tips Simplifies Tech Troubleshooting

In sum, with Virtua Tips, even those without any IT experience can assume more control of their Mac environments by getting daily tips on how to optimize their device’s functions. With so many features and options, Apple devices can be confusing to navigate and adapt to your preferences. Virtua Tips acts as your easy-access one-stop-shop for all things Apple related so that you can easily customize your devices to meet your business needs.

Since our goal at Virtua Computers is to help your business become as productive and tech-advanced as possible, we developed Virtua Tips to be extremely easy to use while also providing tips about Macs that aren’t otherwise easy to find. Enable our Virtua Tips Alexa skill for Macs on your Alexa device today to start taking advantage of our daily tips!

If you are looking for more comprehensive Mac IT support, be sure to contact us at (347) 934-6912 for more information.

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