How to Find an Apple Consultant in New York City

In a city as large and tech-dependent as New York, Apple Consultants certainly don’t come few and far between. However, while you have a lot of options to choose from, the wide pool of IT consultants in the city can actually make it more difficult to find the consultant that works best for you and your business.

As you search for an Apple Consultant company in New York, make sure to do your research so you can hire the best company for your needs. Take a look at what Apple Consultants do, some of the ways you can avoid hiring an unreliable Apple Consultant company in New York, and the features you should look for in a trustworthy consultant company:

What Apple Consultants Do

If you’re currently in search of an Apple Consultant company, you likely already know the basics of what Apple consultants do. Essentially, Apple Consultants are professional technology service providers who specialize in Apple solutions and work for small- to medium-sized businesses. Consultants can help businesses configure, troubleshoot, and service Apple devices and software to ensure your business’s tech functions smoothly.

Consultants are independent, but they work through the Apple Consultants Network. This network allows them to promote their services through Apple’s Find a Consultant page so you can find a local expert. The network also provides free technical training to help make sure consultants have up-to-date knowledge of the industry.

What Should You Avoid in an Apple Consultant Company?

Unfortunately, though the Apple Consultants Network tries to regulate IT competence among its consultants, it isn’t always guaranteed that just any consultant you hire through their network will be reliable.

That’s why it’s important to know how to identify yourself whether an Apple Consultant is worth your time and money. After all, the last thing you want to do is to fall into the category of businesses whose Apple or IT “experts” caused more technological issues than they solved. Equipping yourself with an understanding of what you should avoid when hiring a consultant can help you sift through the huge pool of New York consultants and get to the bottom of which Apple Consultant is best-suited for your business.

One way you can do this is by examining the Company Profile of a given consultant — take Virtua Computers’ Apple Consultant in New York City profile, for example. If the company has few to no reviews or has a high number of negative reviews, those can be signs that you’d be taking a huge risk in allowing them to configure and manage your IT systems.

Additionally, you should investigate their websites and find out more information about their staff. Are their IT experts formally educated? Do they have a long track record of professional experience? These are the questions you should be asking yourself before you hire an Apple Consultant so you can save yourself the headache later.

It’s also important to keep your eyes peeled for a few other warning signs that may indicate that an Apple Consultant company is less-than-reliable. You should be wary of hiring a consultant company if

  • They claim to specialize in Apple products but have little to show for it when it comes to a deeper understanding of the IT industry, including knowledge of Internet connections, phone and printer systems, and more.
  • They are not particularly quick to respond to your calls or emails and you have a difficult time getting ahold of them.
  • They do not offer emergency services outside of normal business hours.
  • They provide generic IT solutions instead of tailoring them to the specific needs and functions of your business.
  • They do not have connections or partnerships with other companies or professionals in the industry, such as software specialists or wiring experts.

Researching Apple Consultant companies and looking out for these warning signs can help you avoid hiring a company that will likely be much more trouble than they’re worth.

What Should You Look for in an Apple Consultant Company?

On the other hand, there are plenty of features that usually indicate reliability and competence in an Apple Consultant company. By looking out for these features, you can find a consultant that you can have peace of mind hiring.

It’s important to work with an Apple Consultant that can meet the needs of your specific business, so start by making a list of things you need your Apple Consultant to cover. Need help with remote connectivity? Put it on the list. Looking for expertise in server setup? Make sure you jot it down. Good Apple Consultant companies are generally highly transparent with the services they offer, so by making a list of services your business needs, you can easily find the consultant that works for you.

But while it’s important to make sure that your Apple Consultant can customize solutions to your business’s needs, there are also a few service features that should always be on your list, no matter what industry you’re in:

  • Customer service. You should expect your Apple Consultant to respond quickly to your concerns and provide immediate solutions. It’s best if you can find a company that provides emergency services so that you won’t have to stress in the event of an IT disaster. You’ll also likely want a company that provides an automatic ticketing system to ensure any troubleshooting you need done can be logged and performed as quickly as possible.
  • Regularly scheduled meetings. Your business’s needs should be a top priority for your Apple Consultant. By seeking a consultant who schedules regular meetings with you, you can make sure your goals are understood and met. In these meetings, you can discuss long-term strategy, home/office integration, emergency planning, and more.
  • A deep understanding of not only the Apple ecosystem but IT systems in general. A truly great Apple Consultant will be able to provide more than just solutions for your Apple products and software. Look for a company who offers a wide range of services, whether it be hardware consulting, data recovery, or a new office setup. Even if you don’t think your business will need many of those services, the IT world is constantly shifting and upgrading, so it’s wise to choose an Apple Consultant who can meet needs both current and future.

How Virtua Computers Can Help

At Virtua Computers, we are dedicated to providing all these services and more for your unique business. From on-site and managed services to strategy consulting, our experienced IT and Apple-savvy professionals in New York City can customize a service plan that satisfies all your business goals. On top of that, we guarantee fast response times and 24/7 emergency services.

To learn more about the services we provide and how we can meet your business’s Apple and IT needs, take a look at our Apple Consultant services. You can also contact us by calling us at (374) 934-6912 or by sending us a message.

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