The Current State of Catalina: How Stable is the Mac OS?

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Whenever there’s a new operating system update, users expect it to perform more reliably than previous versions. However, there are often some initial bugs to work out before the system is completely stable, leaving consumers wary of transferring to a new system too soon and being caught up in system errors, and Apple’s new operating […]

Is Mac More Secure Than PC?

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Tech security is a major issue, both for individual users and commercial organizations. As businesses are under increasing pressure to tighten their online security protocols and prevent data loss, more organizations are reviewing their existing cybersecurity strategies. To ensure your business is operating as securely as possible, it’s important to make sure you use an […]

Mac vs. Windows for Business: Which One Is Right for Your Team?

two men sit across from each other with a Mac laptop and a PC laptop

Having the right IT infrastructure is crucial to any organization’s success. Despite this, many businesses are using systems that aren’t best suited to their needs. Even at the basic level of choosing an operating system to use, many organizations arbitrarily choose either Mac or Windows operating systems without really determining which is best for their […]

How Virtua Tips Skill on Alexa Can Help Your Business Improve

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You might assume that Alexa—Amazon’s virtual assistant—is purely for use at home. However, Alexa can be far more valuable, particularly when you learn to utilize it in your business operations to help you maintain your Mac and other Apple devices. As a business with a Mac environment, understanding all the features that can be implemented […]

The Benefits of an IT Service Company that Specializes in Macs

IT Service Company for Macs

For all businesses, especially those in commercial hubs such as New York City, it’s essential to have comprehensive IT support on hand. As well as keeping your company operational, an effective IT service company will help to implement a cost-effective, robust infrastructure. Furthermore, the right IT support will ensure your systems are kept safe and […]

We Recommend That You Delay Upgrading to macOS 10.15 Catalina

macOS Catalina

We’ll be blunt. Do not upgrade to macOS 10.15 Catalina right away and do not update your home computers! We recommend waiting until at least 10.15.3 or early 2020, whichever comes first. Then, contact us for help making sure Catalina won’t destroy your workflow. We are becoming familiar with macOS 10.15 ourselves, and we are […]

Mac Management: IT Services for Apple Based Companies in New York

Mac Management: IT Services for Apple Based Companies in New York

Your business is only ever as productive and efficient as its IT infrastructure. While you’ve put a great deal of effort into finding and recruiting the right people for your team, they need the right tools for the job to truly shine. And in a technological landscape that’s continually shifting and changing, upgrading and evolving, […]

Two Solutions for Automatically Posting Blog Links to Social Media

Social media often suffers from a low return on investment, even if it’s just time that you’re investing. On most content management systems like WordPress, you can schedule posts well in advance and have them go live automatically, which is an efficient use of your time. But it takes a lot more effort to remember to promote […]

Facebook and Twitter Tweak the Rules for Content Marketing

If social media sites—and Facebook and Twitter in particular—are a part of your content marketing strategy, you’ll want to stay abreast of some recent changes. Facebook Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it would be making changes to the algorithm that chooses what posts appear in users’ News Feed “so people have more opportunities to […]