how secure is your password

A strong password is vitally important to your computers safety.

Our Password Strength meeter will allow you to tell if the password you want to use about is secure. Some tips to have a great password:

  • Have a mix of Capital and Lowercase letters
  • Use a number
  • Use a symbol – but not !. That is the most commonly used password
  • Stick to words you know as a string without a break. So for example TableTableTable56* . It’s memorable to you, and a computer can’t figure out the word “TableTableTable”
  • When using the checker, you want the box to be green and the longest cracking time.

If you can’t come up with your own password, just click the Generate Password button to generate a very secure password.

Generate Password
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NOTE: This tool does not store any passwords. It just calculates the strength. No data is sent to Virtua Computers via this form.

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