Extend iPhone Battery Life with Low Power Mode

There’s nothing worse than your iPhone running out of juice at an inopportune time. Starting in iOS 9, there’s a Low Power Mode that’s offered to you when the remaining battery charge drops below 20%, and it’s automatically disabled once the charge rises to 80%. You can also enable Low Power Mode manually in Settings […]

Enable Wi-Fi Calling to Improve Call Quality

If you use AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint in the United States with an iPhone 6 or newer model, you can turn on a feature starting in iOS 9 that enables your iPhone to send calls over a Wi-Fi network (and thus the Internet) rather than relying on spotty cellular coverage. It’s especially useful in […]

Mac Text Navigation Shortcuts You Must Know

You know that you can move the insertion point in text using your Mac’s arrow keys. But what you may not know is that the Mac offers several shortcuts that let you move around even faster. In most apps, hold down the Option key when using the left/right arrow keys to move left or right […]

What Are QR Codes and How Do You Use Them in iOS?

By now you’ve probably seen one of those odd-looking white squares with a bunch of smaller square dots that make up a random pattern inside—that’s a QR code. QR stands for “Quick Response,” and a QR code is a type of barcode, just like those you see on the packaging of nearly everything in grocery […]

macOS Sierra, iCloud Drive and an annoyance

Usually, I’m all for warnings when it comes to your computer. Then warn you of when you can do potential danger. “Are you sure you want to empty your trash?” “Using root user grants power, do you want to do that?” These are all necessary warnings. I have found in macOS Sierra that there is a special warning that doesn’t cause damage, and is annoying. The removal of a file from your iCloud Drive.
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Get Rid of Mobile Security issues Once and For All

So many businesses allow their employees to use their personal mobile device for work-related items. Check your cell phone, do you have a work email account on there? As the CEO you should either not allow this, or take the appropriate steps to protect your business. Don’t let a rogue employee keep sensitive work information when they leave.
So let’s get rid of mobile security issues once and for all!
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