Get Rid of Mobile Security issues Once and For All

So many businesses allow their employees to use their personal mobile device for work-related items. Check your cell phone, do you have a work email account on there? As the CEO you should either not allow this, or take the appropriate steps to protect your business. Don’t let a rogue employee keep sensitive work information when they leave.
So let’s get rid of mobile security issues once and for all!
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Virtua Computers at the Youth Marketing Strategy Conference

This week, Virtua Computers will be attending the Youth Marketing Strategy on September 21st and 22nd in Brooklyn NY. Loaded with incredible speakers from some of the biggest companies, such as Tumblr, Shake Shake, MTV and Gimlet Media, YMS’16 (as it’s commonly called) will be the place for youth marketing.

YMS’16 will be at The Landing in Industry City.

Virtua Computers will be there and “We’ve Got Your Back,” with mobile battery backup chargers, a charging station, and a chair massage station. We love having fun at events like this, so stop by our booth. Tell us about yourself, and let Virtua Computers get your back!

Data vs Data – a cell phone conundrum

Everyone loves being on their phones and tablets. The iPhone and iPad have changed the way we interact with others. We can take our email on the go, FaceTime with our grandkids and even play a game on the train. Cellular companies have made it complex for us to get a plan now. Do you know if you need 1GB of data or 15GB? How much data are you actually using? Let’s not find out the hard way.
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Your digital portable Notes

Ever since the original iOS, Apple has included the on your device. This makes it very easy for you to keep notes on the fly. Even better, with the later OS and iOS versions you can now sync those notes between your mobile device and your computer! So why is it you can never find that note you were looking for? Let’s help you out.
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Why we offering Virtua Monitoring

Here at Virtua Computers, we offer a monitoring service to our clients. If you are a monthly client you are automatically enrolled. For non-monthly clients we offer this service at $20/month per computer. So why do we offer monitoring and what is it monitoring on your computer?

First and foremost – we are NOT monitoring what you do on your computer. This service does not tell us who you are emailing with, what website you are going to, or your credit card information. Continue reading

Photos, Photos and iPhoto.

Remember when we all went to the store to get film developed? We had to wait like 2 weeks for the chemical process to take the negatives, and we would just sit and wait and hope they would come out good? Those days are long past us. Since we all use digital cameras, and mobile devices to take photos now – where is the right place for them to be stored? You wouldn’t want to lose all those photos of your child’s first birthday would you?
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