macOS Sierra, iCloud Drive and an annoyance

Usually, I’m all for warnings when it comes to your computer. Then warn you of when you can do potential danger. “Are you sure you want to empty your trash?” “Using root user grants power, do you want to do that?” These are all necessary warnings. I have found in macOS Sierra that there is a special warning that doesn’t cause damage, and is annoying. The removal of a file from your iCloud Drive.
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Get Rid of Mobile Security issues Once and For All

So many businesses allow their employees to use their personal mobile device for work-related items. Check your cell phone, do you have a work email account on there? As the CEO you should either not allow this, or take the appropriate steps to protect your business. Don’t let a rogue employee keep sensitive work information when they leave.
So let’s get rid of mobile security issues once and for all!
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Data vs Data – a cell phone conundrum

Everyone loves being on their phones and tablets. The iPhone and iPad have changed the way we interact with others. We can take our email on the go, FaceTime with our grandkids and even play a game on the train. Cellular companies have made it complex for us to get a plan now. Do you know if you need 1GB of data or 15GB? How much data are you actually using? Let’s not find out the hard way.
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Your digital portable Notes

Ever since the original iOS, Apple has included the on your device. This makes it very easy for you to keep notes on the fly. Even better, with the later OS and iOS versions you can now sync those notes between your mobile device and your computer! So why is it you can never find that note you were looking for? Let’s help you out.
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Save your company thousands per year with Virtua Monitoring

Here at Virtua Computers, we offer a monitoring service to our clients. So why do we provide monitoring and what is it monitoring on your computer?

First and foremost

We are NOT monitoring what you do on your computer. This service does not tell us who you are emailing with, what website you are going to, or your credit card information. We do however monitor for issues with your computer. A downed computer could cost a company upwards of $40,000 per year. Continue reading