Public Wifi is safe right?

If your definition of safe is leaving your front door wide open then yeah sure it’s safe.

Let’s talk about the reality of public Wifi. For starters we need to define public wifi.
1. Public Wifi in our scenario is any company offering “free” wifi at their location – so Starbucks, NYC subways, even your airport.
2. Just because it has a password doesn’t mean it is safe.
3. I do not mean Mobile Wifi hotspots.
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Help I’ve lost my iPhone!

Does this sound familiar “Honey, where’s my iPhone?” only to remember you left it in a cab? Never good. All those pictures of your dog, notes, and candy crush scores – gone forever…or is it?

Let’s talk about how to make sure that you don’t lose that data if you lose your phone. We’ve already discussed the cloud (if you haven’t read it please do first). Today we will go deeper into iCloud, Apples syncing protocol that will save your butt!
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How to manage your Email

We live and die by email now-a-days. It’s so bad, people will text me to say “Did you get my email?”. With the slew of incoming noise let’s dissect some ways to manage it better.

If you are sending a lot of inter-office emails, consider a better communication tool. Virtua Computers uses Slack for example. Slack allows for team communication. You can setup Channels (or topics) for projects or clients. You can easily share files also. We’ve used Slack to discuss issues at each of our clients. This way when one of us is on site and needs to discuss a problem we know exactly where to talk about it and where we will find responses. Switching to Slack has cut down MASSIVELY on inter office emails and texts. Best of all Slack is free to start.
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Passwords – are you really secure?

“So the combination is… one, two, three, four, five? That’s the stupidest combination I’ve ever heard in my life! That’s the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!”
– Dark Helmet from Spacebars

The quintessential quote from an amazing 1987 Mel Brooks movie, and yet in 2016 that’s still so many peoples password. As is password, password1, 111111, and football. So with these commonly used passwords how safe can you really be?

In the past creating complex passwords such as “H7jz9%n12q.3)” was secure. The problem is how do you remember such as complex list of characters like that? You would probably write it down in on a sticky note attached to your computer screen, or in your notes app on your iPhone. You’ve now taken a complex password (which by the way would take 1.65 hundred centuries to crack according to the Gibson Research Corporation Haystack calculator…more on this in a bit), and made it easy for anyone to get to it. Let’s argumentatively say this was your banking password – but it’s so hard to remember you put it in your notes app as “Chase password”. If you lose your phone is your bank account safe now? Probably not. You’ve now made a luggage combination.
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“The Cloud” explained

“What is the Cloud”? Wow, do we get this a lot. Ok strap in this will take a bit.

In it’s truest form the cloud is any computer that’s on the Internet. What that means for you is that things you used to only do on your computer in your home can now be done over the Internet. The “cloud” can really mean so many things when in reference to what it does. Some examples are Apples iCloud (syncing), Microsoft Azure (computing), and Dropbox (storage).
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Welcome to Virtua Computers 3.0

Did you know Virtua Computers is 8 years old now! Wow.

So with its 8th birthday comes some changes. Not to our amazing service, but the company as a whole. Since we are restarting the blog we never got a chance to announce our New York City team of Ryan Adams and Brian Winters. We also have grown out to San Francisco, and are currently on boarding our Chicago office.

As the company moves forward, we will be posting more information for you the user to learn from. We don’t want Virtua Computers to just be a place where you get your computer fixed, but we want you to learn. We want to help your company grow.

How can we help your company grow you ask? Virtua Computers has started working with some companies offering everything from budgets to efficiency. Providing technical solutions for problems that some people may not even notice. Think your office has too much inter-office email? Let us recommend and implement an office wide communication tool such as Slack. Not sure why new hardware is constantly being purchased? Let us audit your company to do a full technology inventory and make the proper recommendations as to what to upgrade, sell and dispose of.

Data security is a big issue in todays world. Leave it to Virtua Computers to make sure you are “Virtua Compliant” in terms of your data structure. No longer can you exist with just a Dropbox account and hope your data is safe. (We will discuss Dropbox in another post). All business clients of Virtua Computers are setup with 3 types of backup. This allows to make sure that your data is safe and protected. Why waste money trying to recover lost data? Don’t lose it all! Data loss and the downtime from it can costs enterprise companies over 1 trillion dollars! Let Virtua Computers make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Virtua Computers is now also offering a centralized management tool. This tool allows you to make sure all the computers in your organization are updated appropriately. No more wondering if someone else in the company has a different version of the software you have.

Have networking issues? Server or internet slow? Need a way to get into your office server from home? All of these are things Virtua Computers can help your organization with. Check out our full list of services.

Let Virtua Computers become your VCTO (Virtua Chief Technology Office) and you won’t be disappointed.

Welcome to the future.