Learn about TCN on the Command Control Power Podcast

Want to hear more about where the TidBITS Content Network came from and what it provides to Apple consultants, resellers, and other professionals?

I was jazzed to be interviewed about the TidBITS Content Network on a recent Command Control Power podcast, hosted by three Apple Consultants Network members: Joe Saponare of PsiMac, Sam Valencia of HCS Technology Group, and Jerry Zigmont of MacWorks. And I was joined by TCN subscriber Will O’Neal, founder and president of both Mid-Atlantic and Metro-Atlanta Computer Solutions. We had an awfully good time chatting, and Joe, Sam, and Jerry truly understood what we’re trying to achieve with TCN.

For those who haven’t listened to Command Control Power before, it’s essential for anyone who works as a consultant because it explores both the business and technology sides of consulting. (And it’s a great way to pass time while driving to clients.) Mac admins in large organizations might find it useful as well for the technical discussions alone.

Give it a listen!

Here’s How to Teleport to a Specific Mac Folder While Opening or Saving

Ever wanted to jump to a particular folder on your Mac while opening or saving a file? You can, thanks to a clever Finder trick. Whenever you have an Open or Save dialog open in an app, switch to the Finder, find the folder you want to access, and drag its icon into the dialog. Presto—instant navigation to that folder! This trick even works if you drag the proxy icon—the little icon in the title bar of any window—for any folder.


PSA: Hot Cars Can Kill iPhones

Just as you wouldn’t leave your pooch in a car parked in the sun, you should be careful with your iPhone. It’s rated for use at up to 95℉ (35℃) and can be stored at up to 113℉ (45℃), but temperatures inside a parked car on a sunny day can exceed 130℉ (55℃) within 30–60 minutes. That can both temporarily disable your iPhone and damage the battery more permanently. If your iPhone gets too hot, it warns you, “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.” It also stops charging, dims or turns off the display, puts its radios in a low-power state and disables the camera flash, although audible turn-by-turn directions will continue. Turn it off and let it chill out for a while.